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Contact with Parallel Universes: A True Story – The Movie

When everything began…

In the vast and mysterious universe we inhabit, there are events that challenge our understanding and push us to reconsider the boundaries of reality. One such event is NASA’s 1996 STS 75 mission, which revealed something extraordinary: a possible contact with parallel universes. In this article, we’ll delve into the story of this mission, its implications, and the scientific theories that might explain what was observed.

The STS 75 Mission

The 1996 NASA STS 75 mission included two Italian astronauts: Maurizio Cheli and Umberto Guidoni. The mission aimed to launch a special satellite using a tether equipped with a camera sensitive to near-ultraviolet light. During the live worldwide broadcast, when the camera was turned on, strange luminous objects were observed. At first glance, they appeared to be space debris or luminescent spots caused by a camera malfunction. However, a detailed analysis of the video revealed they were gigantic objects.

An Incredible Discovery

The observed objects were estimated to be between 3 and 4 kilometers in diameter and seemed to be in orbit around our planet. However, it is more likely they were on a planet undetectable in our visible spectrum, visible only in ultraviolet light. The size of the objects was estimated using the tether, which was about 14 nautical miles long. When these presumed luminous crafts overlapped the tether, it could be used as a cosmic ruler to approximate their size.

The Theory of Parallel Realities

Initially, it was thought that the objects used some form of invisibility and “intangibility,” but further analysis concluded they were objects present in a parallel reality, possibly in Dark Matter. Dark Matter might represent a possible split in material space-time, as suggested by the theories of the Brane World and parallel realities of Schwarzschild and other eminent scientists. It’s possible that Dark Matter is not visible because it has a visible and “tangible” frequency higher than ours in terahertz. However, with adequate scientific instrumentation, it is possible to detect the electromagnetic waves emitted by the technologies of this presumed alternative civilization, as the electromagnetic spectrum seems to be shared between various realities.

The Implications of the Discovery

The cameras on the STS 75 mission only detected the electromagnetic emanation of the objects, not their physical structure. The crafts seemed to appear and disappear intermittently because they stopped emitting energy, probably shutting down two large plasma accelerators. These accelerators, in the correct geometry, could create wormholes at the center of the craft, generated by electrostatic vortices, allowing the evasion of the speed of light.

The UFO Hypothesis

Have you ever wondered why the legend of UFOs exists and why many people see and record them, yet they leave no trace of their passage on Earth? Many believe in military cover-ups, but it could be simply because, when sighted, they are parallel to Earth, and their travel systems emit radiation in the spectrum of our visible light. Jacques Vallée, a noted French astronomer and ufologist, also supports this paraphysical hypothesis regarding the origin of UFOs.

The Brane World Theory of Schwarzschild

The Brane World theory and parallel realities, based on the concepts introduced by Karl Schwarzschild, represent one of the most fascinating ideas in contemporary theoretical physics. This theory emerges as a convergence of various disciplines of modern physics, including string theory, general relativity, and cosmology.

The Brane World

The term “brane” comes from “membrane” and is used in string theory to describe multidimensional entities. In the context of our universe, we often talk about 3-branes, since we live in a three-dimensional space. The Brane World theory suggests that our four-dimensional universe (three spatial and one temporal) could be a 3-brane floating in a higher-dimensional space called “bulk.”

Parallel Realities

Karl Schwarzschild is famous for finding the first exact solution to Einstein’s field equations, describing the gravitational field around a non-rotating spherical mass: the Schwarzschild black hole. Some physicists have hypothesized that there are regions of space-time, or branes, not directly connected to our observable universe, but which could interact with it indirectly, such as through gravity.


NASA’s STS 75 mission and the Brane World theories of Schwarzschild open new perspectives on our universe and its possible connections with other parallel universes. These discoveries and theories invite us to rethink our understanding of reality and explore new frontiers in physics and cosmology. Who knows what other mysteries and wonders the future holds?


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